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Want to Own a Pathology Laboratory 

December   15, 2017

In this article the author explores the option of hiring a pathologist within a lab that is not utilizing all of its available space. We provide our clients with  an extensive network of highly trained and certified individuals that could fulfill major roles such as a pathologist.  Please click on the picture to read the article.

Fake News Or Facts?

January  11, 2018

This article is featured on the website of a prominent health care Attorney, and highlights several high profile cases of Stark Law and Anti-Kick Back violations. The lack of genuine claims and over-payment of reimbursements are the foundations for one particular case. The other claim stems from tests not ordered by licensed physicians, or not performed at the hospital at all, resulting in misrepresented  claims. 

It is important to us to share this information with all of our prospective and current clients alike, because it is very easy for organizations to conflate information and use it to meet their own agendas. This article was written in May of 2017, yet many discount the fact that in June of 2017, AETNA and CIGNA sent out letters to hospitals telling them that all tests must be run in-house in order for the claims to be legitimate. 

Simply put, the Hospital must be In-Network and  run the specimens in-house, in order for the claims to be genuine and reimbursed at the correct rate. Our solution(s) are100% compliant, and our duty is to protect the integrity of our clients business. 

 Please click on the picture to read the article.


“The past cannot be changed, but the future is yet in your power.” – unknown

Coming from a long pipeline of doctors in my family I was expected to become one as well. Although I was very grateful for all the knowledge around me, I decided to go to school for business. ...

by, Moises G. Madrid