"Question everything. Every stripe, every star, every word spoken. Everything."

Ernest Gaines


1.) What is MGM’s primary objective?

a. As the leader of your organization, your primary objective is to provide efficient health care procedures. As health care consultants, MGM’s primary objective is to help you thrive by introducing several modalities that will maximize your viability.


2.) Clinical Studies

a. Clinical studies provide an excellent resource for research-naive physician's as well as experienced researchers. Successful clinical study results help to further the understanding and efficacy of FDA approved medications and treatments. 

3.) Does MGM only offer one type of in-network solution?

a. No!  MGM  provides an array of proven in-network solutions, making us a one stop shop.

4.) My health care facility is already in-network, does this mean I do not qualify?

a.  We are absolutely  confident that we have the highest HOPD and in-network rates.  The process is simple , look at our net vs your net and pick the one that is most beneficial. 

5.) What types of Ancillary services does MGM provide?

a. Allergy Finger Prick

b. HOPD Module

c. MSO

d. Medical Reconciliation

6.) What management and revenue program options are there?

a. Laboratory pharmacy, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, allergy testing, billing and collections, accounting, payroll, supplies, insurance services, uniforms, automation, medical reconciliation, and many more!

7.) What is an MSO?

a. An MSO is a Management Service Organization. If needed, MGM will manage your health care facility by performing tasks such as billing, collecting, accounting, hiring and firing of personnel on behalf of the health care facility. In exchange for its performance of management functions, the health care facility will pay the management company a management fee.


1.) What is MGM’s success rate?

a. We have 100% success rate with each and every client that  have been accepted into the MGM family.

2.) Who do I send my samples to and how?

a. Once your NDA and Payer-Mix have been submitted you’ll be provided with several in-network solutions via our wide ranging network of hospital partners. Once you have selected your partner(s), we will then provide your labels and shipping supplies.

3.) How do I manage my samples?

a. Once your Payer-Mix has been submitted, you’ll have 24/7 access to one of several administration teams from across will country. Your team will establish your online portal which will provide tracking numbers, test results, payouts, etc. Your admin team will help oversee the entire process from start to finish.

4.) What is the turnaround time for sample results?

a. 24-48 hours.

5.) How do you determine which hospitals to partner me with?

a. The NDA must first be executed. After, the results of your Payer Mix submission will allow you to determine the most optimal in-network solution to partner with.

7.) How long will it take to show results?

a. After submission of your samples, you will have results in 24-48 hours. Getting you paid within 30 days. Example: 1,000 initial samples are submitted. Within 24-48 hours you have access to your portal which provide test results, tracking information, and projected payouts for each sample.

8.) Do I need to send in all my samples to get started?

a. No. After meeting the required qualifications, it is completely up to our client’s discretion regarding the number of samples first submitted. However, MGM encourages all of its new clients to start with only a percentage of their samples. We don’t expect your trust, we expect to earn your trust by providing proven and consistent results.

9.) Who provides labels, cups, and postage for the samples I provide?

a. A division of the administration team you’re assigned to will provide all information with regards to labels, cups, postage, and related items.

10.) Is it possible to meet MGM partners personally?

a. Of course! We believe face-to-face interactions are the key to establishing long lasting relationships. MGM’s team of Executives often travel to meet  clients and partners in person. We also welcome meetings at our headquarters in Brea, California in the heart of Orange County.

11.) How soon can we get my laboratory on board?

a. MGM will first determine if your laboratory qualifies, if so we will make the introduction to you and our multiple hospital partners.


1.) What are the legal / compliance ramifications of a partnership with MGM Partners?

a. From a  Federal and individual State regulatory and compliance standpoint, the guidelines set forth by the STARK LAW  and the Anti- Kickback  Statute are very clear. Our processes  qualify under the OIG's Safe Harbor Regulations, and STARK LAW  exceptions.  MGM and its associates are fully compliant  with [42 U.S.C. § 1320a-7b (b)] [42 U.S.C. 1395nn] and [31 U.S.C. § 3729-3733]. For your protection, these statutes and regulations  are explicitly stated on all agreements.

2.) Will MGM Partners disclose my company information to a 3rd party?

a. Absolutely not! It is unlawful for MGM to share any of its client’s proprietary information unless given explicit permission to do so.

With this in mind we provide all of our clients with a Mutual Non-Disclosure agreement, to ensure a confidential and safe transfer of information.


1.) What type of samples can I submit?

a. We accept a variety of samples including but not limited to: Blood, Toxicology, Panels, Urine Analysis, etc.

2.) How do I qualify?

a. In order to determine if your business qualifies to become a client of MGM, an NDA must be executed, ensuring a safe transfer of information. After which a Payer Mix must be completed & submitted in order to begin the qualification process.

3.) What is the importance of submitting the Payer-Mix?

a. The Payer Mix will allow MGM to identify which insurance carriers are providing your compensation and rates. At that point we will identify which in-network solutions provide the highest payouts for you. You can then compare and contrast your new reimbursements. Without the Payer Mix it will be impossible to see what you’re eligible for.

4.) Is there a contract?

a.  Our agreement places both parties in a position of choosing. Meaning if you do not wish to work with us  only a 30 day notice, is required to end are working relationship. 

5.) What hospitals are in our network and how many?

a. We work with multiple lab owners that presently account for 270+ in-network hospitals who match the compliance requirements of the new landscape. We have several ways to leverage this to benefit all parties, especially the labs who are now shut out of these once lucrative relationships. We have orders to place over 600k+ in monthly specimens within our network in the last 30 days. For compliance purposes we cannot divulge our hospital partners until the NDA has been executed.

6.) Can you please provide references and/or success stories?

a. Absolutely! However, due to compliance / privacy purposes we can only divulge whom are clients are and successful outcomes once the NDA and payer-mix have been submitted.

7.) Are results guaranteed?

a. Yes, before submitting one sample you will be shown an approximate amount of your reimbursement which is guaranteed to be far more substantial when compared to your current rates.

8.) Why is transparency so critical?

a. It is absolutely paramount that MGM Partners and our clients are completely transparent with one another. Then and only then can both parties engage in a true working relationship that will facilitate optimal results.

9.) Does every health care facility qualify to participate in the HOPD module?

a. No, after reviewing your Payer-Mix we will determine if you qualify for any of our services.


1.) How can MGM help my business maximize its health care revenue?

a. We focus on a plethora of services, programs, and partnerships designed to promote strategic growth for your business, whether it be a laboratory, treatment center, and / or private office, etc.

2.)  How soon do I get compensated? How?

a. Your initial payment will be received within the standard 30-60 day time frame as your health care facility is first integrated into the system. Afterwards, you will be compensated on a bi-weekly basis. One of our main priorities is to ensure that our client’s are compensated expeditiously. Payments will be received via check, ACH, and/or wire transfer.

3.) How much does this cost?

a.  Our primary focus is to increase your revenue and profitability.   After completing and submitting the NDA, Payer-Mix, and related documentation, a consultation will commence to discuss costs.   Our fee is a % of your profits and we are so confident in our ability to help you achieve your financial goals that our fee is determined by you!

4.) How can I determine if my payouts are accurate?

a. Once you on board, you’ll have 24/7 access to one of several administration teams from across will country. Your team will establish your online portal which will provide tracking numbers, test results, payouts, etc. Your admin team will help oversee the entire process from start to finish.


1.) What is a post market clinical study?

a. Post market clinical studies are non-interventional and observation based research. The primary objective is to obtain valuable patient based data. All studies begin with medical necessity. If the patient meets this criteria, then the physician can consider capturing the data to enter into the study. The data gleaned from the studies helps to further understand the efficacy and safety of several FDA approved medications and treatments. These post market studies are minimal risk to the patient.

2.) How can I determine if clinical studies are a good fit for my practice and providers?

a. Physician's who have research experience or enjoy clinical research in general, are typically a good fit to participate. Clinics with a professional and courteous office staff are important components of successful study implementation. Providers who place an emphasis on patient care and education are preferred.

3.) How long do the clinical studies generally last?

a. The duration of post market studies typically last 90 days per patient which occur over 4 visits. 

4.) Are patient's incentivized to participate?

a. Contrary to a traditional phase trial, patients are not actively enrolled in the study. Post market studies don't require PHI, no last names or DOB's are collected. The study is strictly based on the physician's actions and data collected by treating the patient as usual, while observing their health. 

5.) What specialties are ideal for clinical study participation?

a. The study finds high enrollment for primary care clinics, pain management, podiatry, rehabilitation, rheumatology, and general surgery. 

6.) How can I learn more?

a.  Providers are encouraged to visit the Clinical Study tab to learn more. Members of the executive board regularly correspond with interested parties via email ( [email protected]) or via conference call and webinars. Contact information can be found below.